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FCTG commits to Australia’s reconciliation journey in two-year action plan

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FCTG Communications
Published on
February 14, 2022

FCTG commits to Australia’s reconciliation journey in two-year action plan

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) has cemented its commitment to reconciliation in Australia, launching its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) following National Apology Day.  

Endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, FCTG’s Innovate RAP outlines a tangible commitment to specific deliverables over a two-year period to emphasise not only the importance of fostering consultation and collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, but also empowering and enabling staff to contribute to this process, as well. 

Managing Director, James Kavanagh, said the launch of FCTG’s first Reconciliation Action Plan strengthened an already important year in the company’s history. 

“2022 represents a very significant milestone for us as we celebrate 40 years of doing business. It’s both a privilege and an honour to be able to establish our Reconciliation Action Plan goals during this milestone year for our company,” Mr Kavanagh said. 

“We hope that this Reconciliation Action Plan and the actions that we have committed to as part of it will provide our people and our customers with greater knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and traditions. 

“We also hope that we’ll be able to continue to expand the education and employment opportunities available to First Nations communities and young people through expanding our partnership and supplier relationships with those organisations that may be on a similar path.”  

According to Reconciliation Australia CEO, Karen Mundine, FCTG was part of a strong network of more than 1,100 corporate, government, and not-for-profit organisations that have taken goodwill and intention, and transformed it into action. 

“Implementing an Innovate RAP signals FCTG’s readiness to develop and strengthen relationships, engage staff and stakeholders in reconciliation, and pilot innovative strategies to ensure effective outcomes,” Ms Mundine said. 

Unique opportunities FCTG will develop include Cultural Intelligence Training across the business, continuing a First Nations’ Children’s Art Competition, and seeking beneficial partnerships and supplier relationships.  

For more information, or to download our Reconciliation Action Plan, CLICK HERE

Feature image: Connection by Grace De Graff

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