Liberty Travel

For seventy years, Liberty Travel has been a pillar of the travel community. Since opening its first store in Times Square in 1951, Liberty’s mission has been making leisure travel accessible for families, couples, groups, and solo travelers from all walks of life.

Liberty Travel pioneered the concept of the vacation package – transportation, hotel, transfers and more, all with a single price tag. Previously reserved for only the wealthy, Liberty Travel helped to forge a new era of affordable, long-distance leisure travel. Acquired by Flight Centre Travel Group in 2008, today the brand has expanded its focus to create more flexibility for both consultants and customers. It maintains a nationwide network of home-based travel consultants with expertise spanning the globe.

Throughout changing times, Liberty Travel has continued to make travel accessible to everyone, providing unmatched value and expert guidance to all those who wish to see the world. The brand remains committed to being a reliable resource who supports travelers with all their journeys, every step of the way.