Flight Centre

Flight Centre is the largest brand in the Flight Centre Travel Group portfolio. It is present in 11 countries around the world, although the brand name differs slightly in the US and India.

The first Flight Centre store opened in Sydney in 1982, followed in the same year by a store in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. By 1988, the brand had grown to 50 stores and expansion has been constant ever since. Today, there are 689 Flight Centre stores in Australia. The bright red signage and iconic ‘Captain’, who has been the figurehead of the Flight Centre brand since 1988, combine to make Flight Centre one of Australia’s most recognised brands.

International expansion started in 1987, with the first overseas Flight Centre store opening in Auckland, New Zealand. Today the brand has more than 550 overseas stores spread across 10 countries, including New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Canada, the USA (where it is spelt Flight Center), India (where it is known as TravelTours), Hong Kong and Dubai.

The Flight Centre brand includes specialist business travel consultants focused on business travel for small to medium enterprises with infrequent travel needs and a group travel consultants focused on managing all aspects of travel for groups of 10 or more people.