World Responsible Tourism Day – Tread Lightly When Travelling

Wednesday 7 November is World Responsible Tourism Day, the largest day of responsible tourism action in the world.

FCTG joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2016 as part of their UNGC push to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and practices. FCTG as a member, is committed to promoting and selling responsible travel.

To highlight how we are delivering on our commitment, there are some FCTG people taking responsible tourism action like Lorraine Young and her volunteer work in SE Asian elephant sanctuaries, where tired and overworked elephants from the tourism industry can enjoy just being elephants.

Then there is Fairfield Gardens consultant, former marine biologist, Ina Ansmann, an advocate of the principles of travelling mindfully. Ina uses her knowledge and visits to beautiful places to educate those around her to encourage respect for all marine areas, especially Australia’s waterways.

Our responsible journey continues and on today, World Responsible Tourism Day, we take the opportunity to promote the Five Tips because what we do as travellers matters – our actions when travelling have real and significant impact right across the world.

So, for all travellers, the best way for us to make sure that we all tread lightly and travel responsibly, is to try and follow the Five Tips, they are easy to do…

Five Tips for Responsible Travel:

  1. Conserve water – lots of destinations are in drought, don’t waste water.
  2. Reduce waste – Ditch the plastic bag, refuse unnecessary packaging, and dispose of your waste responsibly.
  3. Go local – experience local tours, dining, and shopping – let your dollar help the local destination.
  4. Care about the wildlife – take the look but don’t touch approach and let wild animals stay that way, wild.
  5. Respect local peoples and culture – Along with obeying local laws, be mindful to dress and behave in a manner appropriate to the community.

Remember these Five Tips and you will be sure to leave nothing but footsteps yet hold onto lasting happy memories…

(Images courtesy Lorraine Young).