Student Flights staff granted unlimited leave

4 April 2017

Youth travel expert Student Flights is taking the work-life balance to new heights for its passionate staff through the introduction of unlimited annual leave.

The company’s Never Stop Travelling mantra is now as much about its agents as its customers through the innovative approach to creating a more attractive and efficient workplace.

Student Flights general manager Sean Martin said the unlimited leave initiative was designed to reward staff, attract and retain high quality candidates, increase productivity and improve the customer experience.

The initiative is being rolled out Australia-wide by Student Flights, ahead of a possible wider launch within parent company the Flight Centre Travel Group.

“This program enables our staff to never stop travelling, to enhance their passion and product knowledge which can then be passed on to the customer so they have all the information needed for the best holiday possible,’’ Mr Martin said.

“It is also about encouraging work-life balance while giving our consultants ownership and responsibility and developing a high-trust relationship with staff.

“There is literally a world of possibilities for our people under this program.

“A Student Flights travel consultant could, for example, take off from Perth to Bali for a long weekend every week or spend six weeks trekking through South East Asia or South America, before returning to work to pass on the benefits of his or her recent travel experiences.

“The consultant could then do it all over again later in the year or try something new like backpacking through Europe for a month or two.”

Consultants who meet the agreed commission average over the prior six months will qualify for the unlimited annual leave days per year.

If they have used their entitled days of annual leave they can go into negative annual leave balance with no cap on that negative balance. The negative balance will be wiped back to zero at the anniversary of the consultant’s start date.

“Staff can take as much annual leave as they like as long as it fits in with the business’s requirements,” Mr Martin said.

“We encourage our team to get out and see as much of the world as they can so they can enrich their own lives and give customers the lowdown on what it’s really like out there.”

Student Flights has almost 400 sales people in its shops throughout Australia.


Media enquiries to Sean Martin: 0405 188 944