Flight Centre High Flyers To Tap Into New Telehealth Platform As New Relationship With Doctors on Demand Takes Off

The Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) has inked a deal with Doctors on Demand to offer all of the company’s 10,000 staff the ability to see an Australian-registered doctor through Doctors on Demand, an online telehealth platform, from the convenience of their home or their desk.

FCTG’s Australian employees will be able to access on-demand or scheduled appointments 24/7 with Doctors on Demand via their Healthwise Online Staff Portal.

This partnership also allows Doctors to issue prescriptions to FCTG’s staff for regular medication based on an online questionnaire that can be sent directly to the employee’s preferred local pharmacy for immediate collection.

Stephen Cormack, from FCTG’s Healthwise business, said the new service was an important plank in a smarter wellbeing provision for the company’s sizable team around Australia.

“We know there is never a good time to get sick and our team are relatively young, and they expect more technology and non-traditional settings to be integrated into their health care than previous generations,” he said.

“Our ‘Flighties’ as they are affectionately known, are very comfortable working with technology so there is no ‘leap of faith’ required.

“In fact we think it will be a great take up….saving many of them from taking time out to see a GP for a routine appointment,” he said.

“Our team have told us how hard it is to get in to see a GP, sometimes waiting days for an appointment offsite.

“They are then often delayed at these appointments, increasing their stress levels as they try to juggle health and work commitments.

“With this new addition to our Healthwise services, our employees can remain onsite for treatment, chronic care and repeat medication requirements.”

Doctors on Demand CEO Kirsty Garrett knows that putting patients back in control of their health and improving access can only be good for individuals and the businesses they work for.

“Like Flight Centre, we are customer-focused and allow patients to choose the practitioner and appointment time from their own device,” she said.

“Both our businesses are disrupting their respective industries with the focus squarely back on the client and allowing them to access services when and how they like.”

“Our research shows that only 67% of Millennials and 55% of Generation Z have a GP, so this is perfect for this demographic in their team.”

The cost of workplace absenteeism exceeds $32.5 billion per year according to an Absence Management and Wellbeing report in 2015.

“If we can help people get the care they need when they need it as well as help large corporates create an environment that understands that getting sick is normal, but waiting is not, then our mission is achieved,” she said.

Both Brisbane based companies have been working collaboratively on this platform for the past six months.

FCTG now joins Allianz Partners, Sigma Healthcare, and HealthEngine as Doctors on Demand partners.

“We now have over 2,100 pharmacies signed up for medication distribution – which eliminates the multiple hurdles involved in getting regular scripts.

For further information please contact:

Flight Centre Travel Group – Healthwise Global
Stephen Cormack – National Leader, Healthwise Global Tel: +61 435 962 183
Email: stephen.cormack@healthwiseglobal.com

Doctors on Demand Pty Ltd
Kirsty Garrett – CEO
Tel: +61 411 438 719 / +61 7 3638 9378
Email: kirsty@doctorsondemand.com.au