Do you consider yourself to be a Travel Entrepreneur?

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) is Australia’s leading travel business and now proudly the Home of the Travel Entrepreneur.

This is the new home for anyone who is passionate about travel and ready to take the next step up to business ownership.


How does it work?

You now have the opportunity to set up your very own travel business, without having to worry about the complexities behind the scenes.

By joining the Home of the Travel Entrepreneur, you’ll be running your own business but with a dedicated team to support you.

You get to work in the industry you love with more control, more freedom and great commission, all at your own speed. And best of all, your customers have the choice to join you in your new business.


The benefits of joining the Home of the Travel Entrepreneur:

  • Stay in the industry you’re passionate about
  • Access to office space if needed for meetings
  • Leverage the far reaching resources and global connections of FCTG
  • Your customer base has the choice to join you
  • Access to booking and payment systems
  • Inclusion in Flight Centre or Travel Associates national marketing activity
  • Ongoing product and network support

You can even pick your brand! You get to choose from one of the three brands below, or create something that is completely unique to you.




Find out more about how you can join the Home of the Travel Entrepreneur.

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