We have big goals and we have a strong track record of meeting them. The success of our leisure model is measured through growth. This includes growth in customer numbers, growth in Total Travel Value (TTV) and growth in market share.

The FCTG strategy has also been to create new specialized brands to allow us to capture and grow key market segments. The FCTG business leisure model despite significant margin and cost pressures has still developed a strong presence in key sectors that include:

  • In-destination travel experiences, an area that includes Top Deck, Back-Roads and the Buffalo Tours destination management joint venture in Asia;
  • A travel investment and acceleration hub that allows it to identify and invest in innovative travel-related start-ups;
  • Significant growth in the corporate sector;
  • Significant growth in the youth and student sector;
  • Non-travel businesses; and
  • Sustained strong growth in the leisure market.

The next period of growth leading to 2022, one of our goals is to increase our distribution particularly in lower cost models. This, coupled with productivity gains in our core consultant model, will see us deliver a global net margin across all our leisure models.

Destination 2035

By 2035, FCTG is driven to become the world’s largest and most successful corporate travel company with operations in more than 50 countries, and 80,000 employees across the globe.

And in the year 2035, the Flight Centre Travel Group will be delivering incredible results across a range of sectors, from travel, bikes, fitness, education, to foreign exchange and finance.

We know where we want to go, and with our strong team of dedicated, driven people, we know we’re going to get there.

No other company has had the physical and philosophical capability to copy this strategy.

FCTG will continue to grow to become the world’s most exciting and profitable travel retailer, delivering amazing experiences to all of their people, their partners and their customers.

And we will always, always have at our core, our purpose – to open up the world for those who want to see.