The economic health of the communities to which we are connected through our business is very important to us, not only as a company, but to the people who make up the company’s vital workforce.

As a global travel business, FCTG is a stakeholder in all of the communities where we operate as well as the communities to which our customers travel. We understand and accept that as a stakeholder we have a responsibility to respect the economic wellbeing of these communities and that our unique position provides us with the ability to positively influence these communities.

Our Economic goal is:

      • To make a positive contribution to the economies of the destinations where we work, live and travel, and ensure that there is equal sharing of the benefits and burdens of tourism.

Key Priorities for the year are:

    • Providing information on economic responsibility for consultants and creating in-store materials to assist in customer education.
    • Conducting product reviews aimed at identifying products that are:
    • Potentially detrimental on an economic level; and
    • Potentially beneficial on an economic level.