Worldwise – Building Brighter Futures Through Responsible Travel

Flight Centre Travel Group is committed to promoting and selling travel that respects human rights, the environment, and social equality – we have embodied this commitment in our Responsible Travel Charter and have a passionate Worldwise Committee to oversee its implementation.

To see how we have already brought about positive change, please peruse our Communication on Progress 2019.

Each and every day we encourage friends, family and our customers to tread lightly when they travel with the Five Responsible Travel Tips. Join us on our journey of responsible travel with these 5 simple actions…


  1. CONSERVE water – Much of the world suffers from a shortage of clean water so we can help by reusing hotel towels, taking short showers and turning off the tap!
  1. REDUCE your waste – Ditch the plastic bag, refuse unnecessary packaging, dispose of your waste responsibly and pick up rubbish too! Recycle as much as possible.
  1. GO LOCAL – Enjoy locally owned and operated restaurants and bars. Shop in the local markets and stores and utilise the expertise of local guides when booking tours or activities.
  2. CARE ABOUT the wildlife –Take a ‘look but don’t touch’ approach to wildlife activities and avoid any attractions that involve ‘performance’, riding or closely engaging with wild animals.
  1. RESPECT the local people and culture – Along with obeying local laws, this relates to dressing and behaving in a manner appropriate to the community.

FCTG World Wise

The Worldwise logo affirms our corporate responsibility that spans the world. This emblem also highlights that we have the wisdom about the vulnerability of our planet and the need to educate travellers on how we must all protect it. We have used the logo across the four areas  to indicate where we believe FCTG can have the greatest impact on world communities – these areas are: economic, social, environmental and wildlife.

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