FCTG and SolarBuddy are working together to turn on the lights…and transform the next generation.

Energy poverty is a little known issue that kills on average 4.3 million people globally in developing countries each year – that’s more than HIV aids and malaria combined.

For 1 in 5 people on the planet, when the sun goes down there is no light.  Widely used kerosene fuels in the home emit toxic black carbon that has serious health consequences – it can be as harmful as smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. Up to 40% of household budgets can be expended on this toxic fuel.

Women and children in the homes are ultimately the ones impacted….cooking and studying by light from kerosene or wood burn.

Replacing these with solar lights can change lives:

  • Removing toxic fumes from the home – and the health impact on women and children
  • Access to light for study – improving educational outcomes
  • Household funds made available for other priorities – food, medical, education, business
  • Increased safety outside the home at night, especially for women and girls
  • Reduced carbon emissions to the environment.

Australian based charity, SolarBuddy has developed a simple solar light unit to combat this issue, and we as FCTG are going to help them light up entire classes, schools, villages and even islands, by providing lights to children in developing countries around the world.

This solar light has the ability to improve the lives of millions of women, children and families – this impact plus the environmental benefits make SolarBuddy a natural choice as the charity partner for FCTG’s Brighter Futures program.

The partnership will help deliver SolarBuddy’s corporate programs and FCTG has also enabled our customers to add the donation of a solar light to their travel booking as a part of SolarBuddy’s ultimate goal of lighting up Vanuatu and delivering 42,000 solar lights.

We believe that FCTG through the commitment and passion of our people and our customers, can make this a reality for children and families of Vanuatu and we will update here on our progress.

CLICK HERE for more about SolarBuddy’s great work.