Flight Centre’s 10 Tips for Booking a Bargain Airfare

1. Don’t wing it on the web

The web is a handy research tool, but trawling through the world of options available to you is time consuming and chances are you won’t find or understand all the options.

Talk to an agent about the special bonuses, stopover options and features you may be able to take advantage of.


2. Book early

A limited number of the cheapest economy class seats are available on any flight.

Naturally, these seats tend to sell out first, leaving the higher priced options available for those who book flights at the last minute.

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If you see a bargain, lock it in early.

It also pays to watch out for special earlybird deals.


3. Fly from A to B, via C

Ask about alternative airfare routing options – the best way for you to get from A to B, may be via C.

For example, if you’re travelling to the UK with a heavy luggage load, you can fly via the USA to take advantage of additional luggage allowance.


4. Travel off peak

Avoid peak travel times if possible.

Heavy demand means Christmas, Easter and school holidays are very expensive times to fly.

You may also find cheaper fares midweek than immediately before a weekend.


5. Take a mate

If you’re travelling with a friend or partner, you may be able to take advantage of special companion fares.

These fares are available to two people travelling together and can attract major discounts.


6. Consider a package

Rather than arranging flights and accommodation separately, ask about a package deal.

In some instances, the package will include special wholesale airfares that are only available as part of a package deal.


7. Airpasses

If you plan to travel extensively within a particular country or region, consider a moneysaving airpass.


8. Student and senior discounts

If you are a student or aged under-26, you may be able to take advantage of specially negotiated student and youth fares.

Some airlines also offer seniors’ fares.


9. Don’t forget the extras

Watch out for extra charges when booking online.

Fares and taxes can be complicated and website prices often increase as you progress through the booking.

You may also be asked to pay hefty booking fees if you choose to book online.

Similarly, if you’re flying on a low cost carrier (LCC), don’t forget to factor in the extra charges that will apply to the LCC’s “no frills” airfares.


10. Constructed fares

If you’re interested in a round-the world fare, ask your agent to build an itinerary that suits your travel plans, rather than simply booking an off-the-shelf fare.

Rather than limiting your round-the-world fare to a particular airline or alliance, your agent can mix and match carriers to tailor a great itinerary and save you money.