Cut The Cost Of Your Holiday Phone Bill

HANG up your fears of returning from a holiday to face a hefty phone bill, with a prepaid international SIM card that gives you free incoming calls, plus two-minute videos for less than $1.

The team at Flight Centre knows that travellers are looking for good value when they travel, whether it is the cost of airfares or accommodation, but the cost of keeping in touch is often not budgeted for.

Flight Centre’s executive global marketing manager, Colin Bowman, said the strength of the Australian dollar in the past year had encouraged more people to travel to Europe, the UK and the USA, as well as parts of Asia.

“Travellers are certainly getting more bang for their travel bucks by holidaying in countries with a favourable exchange rate because they can buy more when they are actually over there,” Mr Bowman said.

“It’s a good idea to arrange an international SIM card before you go to save being stung by extra international roaming fees when you return,” he said.

“This way, you are more in control of your spending, so it is more enjoyable to stay in touch with family or friends while you’re travelling.”

Flight Centre’s range of ekit international SIM cards offers travellers a simple pay-as-you-go option, with potential savings on calls, SMS and data rates, while travelling abroad.
Ekit’s marketing manager, John Assiter, said roaming call rates and data rates remain significantly high and can sometimes catch travellers unaware.

“We have seen it time and again, travellers coming home from holiday to a huge bill, sometimes in excess of thousands of dollars. Bill shock is an issue that isn’t going away and holidaymakers need to make better preparations before travelling,” he said.

“We expect to see a lot of data traffic this year, especially in London from people who are attending events and sharing photos across social networks.”

Mr Assiter said some providers charge in excess of $15 per megabyte (MB), so if a typical photo is around 100KB of data, then uploading one photo could be costing you approximately $1.50 with your standard mobile provider.

“With an ekit SIM card, one photo upload costs as little as 4 cents,” he said.

Example cost saving when abroad comparing an ekit SIM with the basic Optus data rate:

  • Optus data in London (UK) = AUD $20.00 per MB
  • Data with ekit in London (UK) = AUD 39c per MB
  • Watching a two-minute YouTube video with Optus, may cost around $40
  • Watching a two-minute YouTube video with ekit’s Global Premium SIM, around 78c (Save 97%)
  • Receiving a call in London with Optus = $1.45 per min
  • Receiving a call with ekit in London = FREE on your ekit Global +44 number

ekit’s International SIM cards provide a competitive call and data rate in over 180 countries and receiving SMS are free.
Pay-as-you-go service allows travellers to remain in control of their spending throughout their trip.

Travellers can buy ekit International SIM cards from Flight Centre’s website

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