Cheap Flights and Soaring Dollar Means Early Christmas Present

Christmas has come early for Australian travellers planning to take off to the United States or the United Kingdom.

The soaring Aussie dollar, combined with rock bottom airfare prices, means Australian travellers can now save thousands of dollars off the cost of a typical UK or US holiday in comparison to one year ago.

Flight Centre Limited global marketing manager Colin Bowman said this money saving combination meant there may never have been a better time to take off to London or Los Angeles.

“While a gradual increase in demand means it is becoming harder to secure the cheapest seats, eye-catching airfares are still available to London, Los Angeles and New York,” Mr Bowman said.

“In some instances, these fares are hundreds of dollars cheaper than they were this time last year.

“In addition, the strengthening Australian dollar means holiday budgets now stretch considerably further at these hugely popular destinations.

“With more US dollars or Great Britain pounds, travellers may choose to stay longer, upgrade accommodation, eat out more often or simply see more of the sights.”

One year ago, Flight Centre advertised return fares from Sydney to Los Angeles and from Sydney to London from $1685 and $1955 respectively.

Today, the company has advertised fares from $1143 and $1390 respectively, meaning travelers can save more than $500 on flights alone.

Exchange rate movements over the past year have also delivered significant benefits.

A $USD2000 holiday budget now equates to $AUD2173, compared to $AUD2895 one year ago, while a GBP2000 holiday budget now translates to $AUD3534, compared to $AUD5009 last year.

Together with the airfare discounts, this represents more than $AUD1250 in total savings to the United States or more than $AUD2000 to the United Kingdom.