7th March, 2017

Flight Centre Travel Group in celebration of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism has just launched its Responsible Travel Charter and received a tick of approval for its membership to the United Nations Global Compact.

Flight Centre is immensely proud to have this recognition from the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. One of its goals is to help deliver real outcomes for sustainable tourism.

Tourism provides millions of jobs and is crucial for international and local economies, not least in the developing world. This year is an opportunity to look at tourism, the good and the bad, and find ways for the industry to better adopt best practice.

As a global company with employees and customers all over the world, we have created a Charter to operate in a way that respects the environment, wildlife, and benefits local people, their cultures and their economies. We are actively auditing all of our suppliers and partners to identify issues of potential concern in social, environmental and wildlife protection areas. By way of example, Flight Centre knows that we can use our influence to help end the practice of cruel animal attractions. To achieve this we do not criticise consumers interested in animal attractions, but rather inform them about potential problems and, where appropriate, provide them with suitable alternatives.

Similarly, we encourage our customers to seek accommodation options that comply with environmental best practice.  We also urge our customers to be respectful of the people and cultures in the countries that they travel to.We are working with suppliers and local communities to adopt best practice methods, or with support, establish a new livelihood that will not cause their families or the animals harm.  Our ground operators and suppliers work closely with sanctuaries and animal rescue places, which can in turn help the non-compliant businesses become sustainable.  Rewarding the people who do the right thing, by sending our customers to them, rather than punishing those who do not, will be the real catalyst for change.

As 2017 has been declared the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, and the fact that there are more than one billion international tourists travelling the world every year, the Flight Centre Travel Group is excited to have the opportunity to be part of a global movement for positive change.